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Nov 21, 2019

We chat with Sinead Finn, principal of Affinnity, an accelerated sales consultancy specialising in travel technology and airline. We learn a little about Sinead’s previous role in Ryanair and what she’s learned about introducing new technology to big organisations like airlines since. This is some of the best insights into selling to airline ancillary managers — as well as other parts of the organisation. This is part one of the RAIN MAKER event, you can find part two at episode 30, featuring a panel discussion with enterprise sales execs. This was recorded live at the Dublin Travel Massive RAIN MAKER event in October 2019. Hosted at, and kindly sponsored by TripAdvisor Dublin. Learn more about this event on our blog at Special thanks to Amanda Campbell for first suggesting this event with Sinead. Welcome to the Travel Massive podcast, an interview series with travel industry change-makers and pioneers, sharing their stories and insights. Your host in this episode is Kevin O'Shaughnessy, co-founder of and a chapter leader of Dublin Travel Massive. If you enjoyed this episode or you would like to submit feedback, please email