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Jun 1, 2020

Hosted by Kevin O’Shaughnessy, co-founder of City Hook and Dublin Travel Massive leader. 

In this episode we heard from:

Phaka Hlazo, founder of Zulu Nomad

Phaka Hlazo joined us from Johannesburg. She is the founder of Zulu Nomad – a tour operator providing curated experiences in East and Southern Africa for locals. Phaka talked about the diversity of South Africa’s tourism and the ins and outs of the domestic travel scene. She touched on topics like digitalization of the tourism industry and what tour guides, hosts, and tour operators should be doing right now.

Stephan Ekbergh, founder and CEO of Travelstart

Stephan Ekbergh, founder of Africa’s largest online travel agency, Travelstart, joined us from Cape Town. He talked about what the current situation means for the tourism business, the importance of quality in the future and what leadership looks like in times of crisis.

Sharon Gilbert-Rivett, Head Honcho at The Safari Collective

Sharon Gilbert-Rivett joined the LIVE Show from Hoedspruit. With her experience as a consultant for the safari industry, she shared her thoughts on what it’s like for the industry to be “standing in the cast of a new world order”. Sharon talked about the opportunities that come out of a crisis like this one and touched on the increased importance of sustainability in the tourism industry.

Special thanks to Neil Jansson, content creator and founder of African Travel Crew, for sharing some insights with us behind the scenes.

About the Travel Massive LIVE Show

The Travel Massive LIVE Show is a weekly online discussion on the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on travel and tourism worldwide, featuring members from all over the globe.

The LIVE Show is hosted by Dublin chapter co-leader Kevin O’Shaughnessy, and produced by Sofia chapter leader and Content Manager at Travel Massive Maria Stoyanova and Travel Massive founder Ian Cumming.