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Jun 1, 2020

Hosted by Jean Cheney, blogger at the Traveling Honeybird and Travel Massive Melbourne chapter leader. 

In this episode we heard from:

Kash Bhattacharya, founder and editor at the Budget Traveller

Kash is the author of the book ‘The Grand Hostels-Luxury Hostels of the World’ & founder of the BudgetTraveller where for the last 11 years he’s been showing people how to travel in style on a budget.

Although he lost 70% of his traffic and his passive income has grinded to a halt, Kash didn’t loose his passion to help the industry in times of crisis. That’s how the idea of #AdoptaHostel was born – a global gift card campaign which aims to save the hostel industry from financial devestation during the COVID-19 crisis

Darley Newman, TV host, writer, entrepreneur and multimedia producer

Darley joined us form New York City. Her passion for travel and storytelling channeled into successful TV series and brands, including Emmy Award-winning “Equitrekking” and “Travels with Darley” on PBS, Amazon Prime, Verizon Digital and networks in over 85 nations.

Currently, Darley is not able to travel to film for her series, produce new content or attend any conferences or shows to speak. She’s trying to think outside the box by focusing her efforts on taking content she’s already filmed and repackaging it in new ways for new and different distribution.

Roxanne Bamboat, food & travel blogger at The Tiny Taster

Roxanne joined us from her home in Mumbai. Besides being a food & travel content creator, she has just launched her private guided, small group tours called – The Tiny Taster Tours where she takes people to different destinations.

In the last weeks, travel campaigns have all come to a grinding halt. She’s now focusing on Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Her niche is food and travel so while she can’t travel like the rest of the world, she has taken refuge in her kitchen and focusing on quality videos to boost her channels.

About the Travel Massive LIVE Show

The Travel Massive LIVE Show is a weekly online discussion on the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on travel and tourism worldwide, featuring members from all over the globe.

The LIVE Show is produced by Sofia chapter leader and Content Manager at Travel Massive Maria Stoyanova and Travel Massive founder Ian Cumming.